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Automatic Voltage Regulators

Will the VRp voltage regulator correct a distorted waveform?

No. Current to the load passes through the phase conductor. Regulation current is taken from the incoming phase. The voltage correction is +-20%. Only a dual conversion voltage regulator would be able to provide waveform correction.

Can the three-phase VRp receive power from a delta source?

No, VRp must receive power from a wye source with three phase conductors plus neutral

Does VRp have a bypass switch?

Yes, VRp has an automatic bypass switch.

What does the automatic bypass switch do?

If VRp's control PCB fails, it will automatically switch to bypass, allowing unregulated voltage to power the connected load. This feature prevents an unscheduled shutdown of the connected equipment.

What happens if the VRp control circuit board fails?

All LEDs will switch off. The load current will pass unregulated to the connected load. In some cases, the VRp main circuit breaker needs resetting. Contact TSi Power for an RMA or replacement control circuit board.

Is VRp available with under - and over-voltage cut off?

VRp Series Static Voltage Regulators do not have OVP/UVP, but it can be offered as an option.

VRp Series Power Line Conditioners come with in-built OVP/UVP protection.


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