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DC to AC Power Inverters

Do I need a sine wave inverter?

That depends on the connected load. Light-duty applications such as coffee pots and light bulbs can be powered by a step wave or square wave inverter. Non-sine wave inverters generate harmonics up to 70% - the harmonics generate heat in the connected load. However, for any critical application a sine wave inverter is a must.

Can I run air conditioners, electric motors or power tools with an inverter?

Most likely not, unless the inverter manufacturer specifically states that their inverter is designed to be compatible with such loads.

Are TSi Power's new inverters protected against reversed polarity?

Yes. The inverter will not start if the polarity is incorrect. Once the wiring is corrected, it will operate normally.

Are TSi Power's inverters protected against overload and short circuit currents?

Yes, our inverters are designed to be protected against overload and accidental short circuit. The output can be shorted and will recover once the short circuit is removed.


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