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Safety and EMC

Is UL the only safety listing agency?

No. You can obtain a safety listing from one of four nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTL) in North America:

Is an NRTL safety listing required by law?

Generally no, but some states and cities in the US require NRTL safety listing. In Canada, safety listing is mandatory.

Is the NRTL safety listing acceptable in Canada?

Yes, but the label must read cULus or cETLus.

Are all TSi Power products NRTL-safety listed?

A number of standard TSi Power products are cETLus listed. Low-volume and custom products are generally not listed unless required by the customer.

Is an unlisted TSi Power product safe?

Yes, they are very safe to use. TSi Power designs its products to meet applicable safety standards.

What is the safety listing for Europe called?


Is CE required by law?

Yes, it is required by all European Union countries and some other European countries.

What is the process for obtaining a CE listing?

CE is based on self-certification. The manufacturer is responsible for determining the applicable standards and for testing the product to ensure compliance. The manufacturer then issues a Certificate of Conformity. The manufacturer is now free to apply the CE label.

In the US, I understand that the NRTL must evaluate and test the product and after approval, must conduct quarterly safety inspections. How can an EU consumer know that products are safe when manufacturers do their own conformity assessment?

EU authorities believe that competitors police each other. If a company or consumer thinks a product is unsafe, they can ask the authorities to investigate and test a product; if found unsafe, the manufacturer/importer is required to correct the problems or take the product off the market.

What is TSi Power's procedure for obtaining a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) safety listing?

We design the product to the applicable standards and work with Intertek/ETL to prepare a documentation package with all safety critical components. Intertek then sends a test engineer to our factory to conduct the safety tests required by the applicable standard. If all the documentation and tests meet Intertek's standards, they will issue an Authorization to Mark (ATM).

How long does the process take?

Typically 60 to 90 days.

Can this be expedited?

Sometimes yes, depending on a number of factors. If you need an expedited NRTL safety listed, we'll discuss the options with you.

How many safety standards exist?

There are many different standards. It is up to the manufacturer to determine the standard that applies to a particular product. These standards can be purchased from Underwriters Laboratories.

Are North American and EU standards harmonized in any way?

The most important standards are now harmonized but there are some variations to satisfy national requirements.

Is the safety label a guarantee of product performance and good quality?

No, it is a guarantee that a product has been investigated and found in compliance with an applicable safety standard. It also means that quarterly compliance inspections of the manufacturer are carried out by a field inspector.

How do I verify that a product is listed?

The various NRTLs(Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories) maintain websites where a product safety listing can be verified online.


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